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Kmečki glas is a publishinig house with 78 years of experience in publishing newspapers, magazines, books - in particular original Slovene titles. Its book programme focuses mainly on a professional content, aimed at farmers and handbooks for a wider circle of readers like gardening fans, animal lovers, flower fans and gourments. The programme also includes ethnographic works and various monographs of attractive design and with comprehensive content. 

BOOK PROGRAMME: http://zalozba.kmeckiglas.com/
COPYRIGHTS: http://copyrights.kmeckiglas.com/

For further information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Head of Publishing House: TANJA ŽGAJNAR NOVAK; e-mail: tanja@czd-kmeckiglas.si;  tel: +386 1 473 53 60

Head of Marketing Department: ALENKA NAGLIČ; e-mail: alenka.naglic@czd-kmeckiglas.si; tel.:+386 1 473 53 88